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Gax is done!

2011-05-10 08:50:41 by Otaku32

awwright! Gax is done (although I'll hopefully continue to work on it in the future). I now realize my original plans for the project were severely overambitious, but I'm still hella happy with what I was able to do. Next up I'm gonna work on the Trees cartoon that I've been planning for about a year now. But in the immediate futre (right after I write an explication on Gax) is some SLEEP. oyasumi :3

new project

2011-02-20 19:16:47 by Otaku32

So I haven't made much progress on my Trees cartoon, mostly because I just can't find the time to get around to it, but now I'm going to start a brand new project that will serve as the final for a Miyazaki seminar I'm taking. I've got most of the plot in my head already and I've written down a ton of ideas on paper. I'm going to learn after effects for this one, and it's going to be my most ambitious project to date. It will run about 5 mins, and it will be--to some effect--a music video, but it will have a (at least I think) pretty interesting sequence of events. Although Miyazaki is a huge influence on it (naturally, after all it is for a Miyazaki class), this project will be a marked departure from the typical Miyazaki story. While it will involve many themes Miyazaki commonly uses, it will be more of a cyberpunk type story. I'm gonna pour a shit-ton of time into this one. Hopefully it will be a hit! :D

finished the script!

2010-09-03 00:27:40 by Otaku32

After a half-assed effort of writing the script for my big Trees project over the course of the summer, I'm finally done (two days before I leave for school)! In all, it's 18 pages and I think it's pretty damn funny :) I'm gonna give it to a few friends to read and see what they think, and if feedback is good then it's time to push the project forward :))) I've already started sketching out the characters and caught up on what's happened to flash in the past few years. With any luck this will be finished before the new year, but at the speed I usually work, it might be more like the end of the school year. Here's to another year of college, cheers! :D

first big project

2010-04-15 00:57:36 by Otaku32

Finally working on the first big project that I'll really be proud of! For now, I'm still in the process of writing three scripts, each one for a 8-10 min cartoon. I'm going for an adult swim type short (eg sealab or athf) It's gonna take a lot of time and work, but it definitely will be worth it.